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The Nikon D700 is a 12.1 MP FX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with a 3.0-Inch LCD.

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LCD showing 1/4 picture and 3/4 black screen

When I am trying to use my Nikon D700 during a shoot my screen started showing 1/4 photo and 3/4 black screen. The screen is not completely black but shows image at top. I tried replacing the memory card and lens and both same thing. Camera is giving "Err" message. Not sure what the problem could be? I have had this camera about 5 years.

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Is there any specific error code shown or just "Err".


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Here is the service manual: Nikon_d700.pdf

Open it up, and check all connections. It could have just been a blow that knocked the LCD connection out. Might want to give it a quick cleaning, also. Be careful not to damage the sensor.

This camera is worth fixing. Despite its age it has its bit of personal room in the camera world.

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