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Power conversion from 110v to 220v


I haven't used a better Pencil sharpener than the Panasonic KP110 - best is not the word, but I need to have this in my office. It is a must.

Having said that, how can I convert the power supply from 110 -120 to 220v.

I figure there are 2 possibilities, resolder the wires to other point on the small circuit board or replace current transformer with a similar spec 220 -240v transformer.

The challenge is beyond me as I don't know the basics of which is which.

Would anyone care to comment how does one go about converting this wonderful pencil sharpener,

I am hesitant about a step up converter, it is a painful sight.

I shall as I always, forever in your debt.

Don't see a way to upload some pictures

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It looks like that thing predates modern "Switching" power supplies.

That being said, it is therefore highly unlikely that you could convert it with just a soldering gun, a plug and some wire.

If it was made for the US/North America market and you are now in Europe what you need is a step-down transformer. (Europe uses ~210V US is ~110)

Creating a replacement power adapter board is beyond my pay grade

If you do get an adapter, make sure it is a transformer. Switching power supplies like those used in laptop power bricks, and cell phone chargers can adjust their operation for 110 vs 220 operation. Inexpensive adapters only convert the plug and rely on the power supply on the other end to deal with the voltage adjustment.

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