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APC UPS Right Tool Kits

Please I would like to know the right tool kit or tools, one need to have when it comes to repairing, fixing and installing UPS APC or other types of UPS unit.

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UPS units have some very large capacitors as well as sealed lead acid batteries so one has to use care when working on them as you can get a good zap which could kill you! And the acid can burn you!

As long as you are just replacing the batteries you shouldn't need any special tools. APC and most UPS companies design the UPS with a door to gain access to the battery pack so it can be connected and/or replaced. Which is mostly all thats needed.

Doing deeper repairs will require a large screw driver handle with a collection of different bits to open the case. A means to discharge the capacitors safely before working on the logic board. You'll also need a large, medium and even a small sized soldering iron as some of the solder joints will need the larger iron to heat heaver solder points, a medium iron used for the larger discreet components, and a small unit for any SMT devices used in the control logic. A wire crimp tool and crimps as some use crimps to join the heaver wires as well as for the battery terminals. A good V/A/Ohm meter and even a good oscilloscope can be useful.

Frankly, unless you have quite a lot of these in your facility like I do its just not worth repairing beyond replacing the batteries. Don't forget just like a surge suppressor over time the UPS will loose its effectiveness more so when it needs to handle power-line spikes (lightning).

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Thanks you for the way you explained ..... But will also like to know what tool one can use to locate a faulty part on the board of UPS


Nothing fancy here, a good V/A/Ohm meter and a good oscilloscope is all I use.


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