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Repair guides and troubleshooting for Acer Predator 17.3" laptops, a group of high-end gaming computers from Acer. These laptops features a 17.3" display, dedicated GPU, and a modular bay for either an optical drive or cooling module.

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How to disassemble lcd screen? Acer Predator 17.3 (G9-793)

A few days ago, I bought an Acer Predator 17, turned it on, and noticed a problem with lcd display. So, as the laptop has no guaranty, I decided to disassemble the laptop and change the lcd screen with a new one. But couldn't find any screw on the lcd front bezel. How can I open it?


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I'm not familiar with that particular laptop, but laptop screens normally have any screws hidden under little sticky rubber pads or disks which you can pry off with a craft knife or just a small flat blade screwdriver. But often there are no screws and you simply insert a spudger or jimmy in the crack between the bezel and the back to release the clips. I've got one of these which is very effective: Jimmy

Jimmy Bild




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Thanks for your answer.

The bezel seems not having any screw hidden. I'm going to try the second solution and put the result back here.


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I made a video that may help you out.


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