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Android smartphone released on June 2015, produced by Samsung Electronics for the AT&T network. Model number: SM–G890A

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Device will not power on or charge.

The other day I woke up & phone that had been on the fast charger all night(I leave phone on fast charger nightly) would not wake or reset. The screen was black but the cyan or purple light was flashing. I tried all the combo button resets that I know (power+ vol. Down & power+vol. Down+home button & power+vol. up& down+home & just power button) but nothing would restart or wake the screen but the purple light continued to flash. I tried to call my phone & it went right to voicemail. I let the phone die or waited for the light to stop flashing then tried different chargers (factory, non-factory) as well I tried to plug into computer/different power outlets & button combinations again but nothing has worked. The indicator light is out & no lights come on when plugged in or otherwise since letting device discharge & purple light stopped flashing. I am not sure what has happened as it was working fine & had not been dropped or water damaged (also has been in Otterbox Defender case since purchase in March of 2016) or anything that could explain why this happening. Has anyone had s6 actives that have done this & could be fixed? Is it worth getting repaired? Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Also had this problem, I was listening to Spotify and the audio started glitching for about 30 seconds, then it died, and the same thing happened


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Jesse Leary I'd suggest that you start off by replacing the battery. If the battery has failed your S6 Active could act like that. Use these guides Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Repair to do this. If nothing else I will give you a known-good starting point should further troubleshooting be necessary.

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the thing about fast charge is that it makes the device hotter in order to let it charge faster but there should be a safety mechanism to prevent damage if it gets too hot which would only really happen if you suffocated it in some way, you can try replacing the screen as i don't think the cyan/purple light would be the backlight, i hope this helps.

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Sounds like you need a new battery. Had a s4 do this

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