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IOS 11.0.1 and After Market Screen

Ok so this issue came up for a lot of people with after market screens when upgrading to iOS 11. I never had the issue until about 2 hours ago when I let the update from iOS 11.0 to 11.0.1 be run as a OTA update. half way through the update I had to go out and when I stopped for fuel in my car. I tried to use my phone and touch was not working. I did several hard reboots and touch was not working at all.

I have a aftermarket screen that has worked perfectly for ages so iOS 11 touch issue obviously did not pop up on 11.0 but got to my phone at last for 11.0.1.

HOWEVER !!!!!!

I left the phone in my car while I was driving must have been 45 mins to an hour untouched but left on. When I got home I walked in with the intention of either downgrading or swapping screens. Out of sheer habit I tried to activate the touch and low and behold touch fully functional again. I did several hard reboots and touch is perfect again.

So my question is this. Everyone out there with screens where touch stopped working is it worth leaving a screen on a iPhone unused for a hour or two and see if its just that the phone finds it way to getting touch working. ? It makes no sense whatsoever ever but its working and working 100% so I dont need to change screen or downgrade.

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There are some reports of folks letting there device boot loop or hang for long periods of time until it somehow, magically, recovers. It's great to see this worked for you. The fact that the phone worked on iOS 11 indicates that your replacement screen was not an issue. I suspect there is something else funky with iOS 11 because there are lots of reports stating various problems.

Update 2017/10/31

Apple has just released iOS 11.1. Check out the details here.

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