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All-purpose camera, with 12 megapixel lens, 4X zoom, and 3" OLED screen, released April 2012.

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Software looks like it's Corrupt

I have my Tough TG-1 since 2012. The software on my tough TG-1 needs re-installing. There are various problems here are just two for example.

1. After powering on the screen stays active just for a matter of seconds although the power is still on. I have to keep pressing a button to reactivate the screen.

2. When I look at the videos & photos the screen does not stay stable, it reduces the images to about 8/10 per screen and to a multiple moving screen from right to left so it's not possible to select one to look at closer.

3. Often, but not always recording just stops.

I have the Setup CD but see no option to repair or update the camera. Are there any options?

Dennis Dennehy

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i would recommend that you try olympus's service and repair section of their website here http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_sectio...

other than that try looking if you can update/replace the firmware via the sd card

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Many thanks. I have already downloaded the firmware but the Olympus check claims software is up to date, but wont reload it as a default. I've just written directly to Olympus and hope they'll have another suggestion.


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