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The third iteration of Lenovo's Yoga line of notebooks, similar in design and hardware to its predecessors. Designated by model number 80HE000DUS.

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How do I repair Keyboard

My keyboard has stopped working. How do I take it out to clean?

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Before you go to take apart the computer be sure that the drivers for the hardware are installed and/or working properly. You can see this in the Device manager by right clicking on the windows button in the bottom left hand corner, then hitting device manager. From there go under keyboards and your keyboard should be listed there. If everything is all well and good, then I would leave you with the iFixit guide, but there is none at this time. I will report back later if i find a guide to help you.


(EDIT) I have found a disassembly guide. If it were to be rated on iFixit this would be about a hard. Here ya go!


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