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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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How to rewire the solenoid

I forgot to take pic of old solenoid need to know how the wires go it is the 3 post solenpod

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@cbyrd1956 what make and model is your Murray? What engine does it have? The solenoid etc. will be engine, not mower, specific


it is a murray riding mower model 309007x8a and has a briggs and stratton engine the solenoid is 3 prong


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you can look in the manual if you kept it, otherwise look here: https://www.murray.com/na/en_us/support/...

otherwise i would see where i can contact customer support

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thanks i will check this out and if i can't find it i will definately give them a call.


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