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The Dell Inspiron 17R N7010 is a laptop computer produced by Dell as part of the Inspiron 17-inch series.

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Can't get past POST or insto bios

I was trying to flash the bios a long time ago and I think the power adapter gave out during the flash and turned off the machine, now I cannot get past post or into the bios, all that happens is the Dell logo appears then the whole machine reboots and starts again. hitting F2 does not get me into the bios.

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Hi @piersonjarvis

if you have a usb keyboard, perhaps try connecting to it and hit F2, see if you can access the bios.


you might need to perform a BIOS recovery,

follow the instructions on the link provided, if unsure, feel free to ask us :)


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When I attempt this with the .exe for my specific laptop it runs the .exe instead of creating the files?


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