Where can I find a replacement cover for the HR sensor

The cover which protects the Heart Rate Sensor on the bottom came off after the adhesive keeping it in place seemed to have melted.

Possibly caused overuse of HR as i have it set to every 5mins and it goes mental when not on my wrist, or just a combination of sweat and the charging heat...

Anyway, now my hr sensors and part of the circuit-board is visible and open to moisture. Can i get a replacement piece for this or will i have to try my luck with someone cutting me something similar, i assume perspex plastic? The Samsung repair center wants to replace the whole bottom unit, everything except the screen, and charge me half the retail price for a new unit?!

The unit still work 100% but i think it will die quickly if moisture creeps in.



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What did you end up doing? I have the same problem


I had this happen as well and I started paying for the warranty at Best Buy and have replaced several models, one for this reason. I tried to find a replacement but never could. I love my Gear Fit but they are not the most durable...


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