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AC-Netzadapter für MacBook, MacBookPro und MacBook Air. Ausgestattet mit einem magnetischen Stecker, der sich von selbst trennt, wenn daran gezogen wird. Die MagSafe Netzteile der ersten Generation (2006-2012) haben einen etwas dickeren L-förmigen Stecker. Erhältlich in 45 W, 60 W und 85 W.

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Broken Resistor/capacitor - Values on PCB MagSafe 45W-PA-1450 (BOM?)


Luis from Germany,

I'm working on a genuine Apple MagSafe 45W PA-1450 charger as it won't charge by system anymore after 4 repairs on the same cord. I have disassembled it once again, I'm getting the right voltage on the output of the PCB.

A visual inspection shows that the big resistor of the high voltage section and the capacitor next to it (see pics) where damaged.

Does any one have the teardown / BOM / PCB component values of these 2 components?

The rest of the components seem to be good. I have the time and the right tools to fix this charger: solder smd, measure (100Mhz scope/multimeter/hot-air/etc.)

Big thanks in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Halo Dan, thanks for your fast answer and your guidance .

I´ve experience on designing 600KHz Switching power supplys, so no problem to deal with the HF/HV.

A photo of an open charger (MAGSAFE 45W PA-1450 A1374) might work as well for me to identify the resistor / fuse, but of course somethoing more technical will be welcome.




Sorry guy we don't try to repair them and we only have 65 Watt units


my name is JORGE CRUZ of the Mexico, C=74uf


I have an alternative question: does anyone know which of the pins are for the positive or negative ends of the cable side? I took the old one’s off to replace them and now I do not know which one is which. Some help would be greatly appreciated!


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@lurgaci Apple may not but iFixit does. After all, the purpose of this website is to empower others to fix their devices. Good thing I am a hoarder and keep stuff after I tear it down :-)This is the part you are looking for

Block Image

After checking it with my meter it shows to be a 0.24ohm resistor.

The capacitor shows 74 uF and that is mounted to the board. Can't get to my ESR tester right now but that should still work out for you.

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Halo Oldturkey,

thanks a lot for the fast and clear answer

Thats what i need for now to try to fix this unit.

Hope you have a long great weekend!



Luis viel Glück mit deiner Reparatur.


One more question:

Do you think this ceramic capacitor its a 70µF, maybe ~70nF?

When I took it out I was measuring 10nF, but might have been damaged...ç

Could you test it with the ESR?

I will get the resistor hopefully next monday...

Vielen dank Hern Alter Truthahn!



@lurgaci Give me a bit of time since I am at work right. Nach der Arbeit werde Ich dehn Kondensator noch einmal messen.


@lurgaci just double checked and got the same results 74uF


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Sorry Apple doesn't offer parts or any info for their chargers.

Frankly, given the high voltages and the risks of fire I don't recommend trying to fix them. Besides the personal risks you can also damage your system as well here!

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