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4-Zoll iPhone herausgebracht im März 2016 mit ähnlicher Hardware und Spezifikationen wie das 6s. Erhältlich in Silber, Space Grau, Gold oder Roségold mit 16/64 GB Speicher. Modell A1662 und A1723.

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Battery Expanding inside my phone after getting it replaced multiple x

My battery has been expanding and pushing my phone screen off of my phone after I have gotten it replaced multiple times. Why is it doing this? Could it be a danger to me if it keeps happening?

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Either you're getting bad replacement batteries or something is causing a major short circuit on the battery.

I suppose cheap car chargers and cheap cables could be too blame as well.

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I dropped it in water too could that be it? I did it 2 months ago and it just started doing this with the battery.


er...yeah...that "might" have something to do with it :>).

Seriously, that's the kind of detail you have to state upfront. Water is an iPhone killer. Did you have the phone properly decontaminated after it happened or did it appear to survive the ordeal and nothing more was done (please don't say rice, please don't say rice...).

At any rate, this is the kind of latent issue that can and usually does happen if the phone wasn't properly cleaned. It can even happen when all the right steps are taken.

You could take your phone to a shop that specializes in these repairs but it may ultimately not be repairable.


It survived, I didn't see any visible issues with the phone and took the proper steps apple told me to take and I made sure to not press the power button or turn it on so that the inside wouldn't get fried from any water on the inside and I left it off until I didn't see any water on it or in the camera.


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