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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H200 is a digital camera. This device is capable of taking photos and recording HD video in 720p. The model year for this camera is 2013.

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AS SOON As I turn on the camera it says turn the power off and on agai

AS SOON As i turn on the camera it says turn the power off and on again the same prompt comes up

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I have the same issue, as well. The troubleshooting says to reinsert fresh batteries because internal battery is most likely out of a charge. Didn't know it had an internal battery. Shortly before this issue, the date was wrong. I cannot do anything now except go through buttons and menus but no picture taking. I didn't have an SD card in but now I do and it still won't work. I'm going to try another fresh set of batteries to see if that works and I might leave it connected to computer or usb charging. I love this camera because my hands are kind of arthritic and it is large enough to hold without dropping, like the little ones. Anything bigger would be too much for me. Did you ever figure out your issue?

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