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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2015. Modell A1534, EMC 2991.

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Trying to localize broken part that affects keyboard functionality

Every key is nonfunctional (after water damage) EXCEPT the power button, which still works.

Is there a specific ribbon or area I should be looking at to try repairing to fix this issue? Thanks!

Update (12/06/2017)

Just wanted to add my resolution for anyone finding this in the future:

I bought all the cable replacements and they didn't help. I bought a trackpad unit and it resolved everything. Caveat: the NEW cables (aftermarket) didn't work with the new trackpad unit. I paired the old OEM cables with the new trackpad and voila. Everything is back to normal :)

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Sadly once a keyboard gets water damaged there is little one can do to fix. Apple designed the keyboard & trackpad to be part of the uppercase assembly. The best way to fix this is to replace it. You'll need to find a junker with a good keyboard as presently I don't know of any one having it for sale other than getting it replaced by an Apple authorized service center if they are willing to do it. Liquid damaged systems are always an iffy situation.

For reference here is the 2015 models part you'll need. Sadly, it won't work in your system Apple altered the design in the 2016/17 models:

The fact the power button works is a good sign the rest of the system was spared. I assume the trackpad is also working as well.

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Hi! The trackpad doesn't work. The keyboard was fully functioning for a day or so and then now only the power button works. Trackpad has been down since the damage.

I opened up the bottom to inspect and unplugged the trackpad ribbon cable so I figured I must've damaged it somehow (I ordered a new part already). But I wasn't sure if the 2016 model also had a separate keyboard ribbon cable like the 2015 model. My research leads me to believe the cable is interchangeable with the 2015 one!


If the trackpad was dead first then the trackpad its self is damaged. You'll need more than the cable. The cable carries both the keyboard & trackpad signals. It's a daisy-chain connection: the keyboard connects to the trackpad then the signals are brought together with the keyboards to then go onwards to the logic board using a different cable.

What has likely happened is the logic on the backside of the trackpad is breaking down (corrosion).

Here's the part you'll need: MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016) Trackpad


Yes I was looking at the replacement unit. Will try slowly replacing cables and if it doesn't work, I'll go for the whole trackpad unit. Thanks!


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Cleaning a waterdamaged keyboard can be very ungreatful. If you start cleanig it with isopropanol it could work a while and then some key's don't and then again and so on....

I would recomend to replace the whole keyboard for peace of mind, If the connector look's good.

If it sems dirty just clean it with a little soft brush/toothbruch. The connector is very fragil b careful!

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