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The word 'LENOVO' has frozen on the screen.

We have tried everything to fix it:

  • removed the battery and put it back in again...nothing.
  • held down the power botton for specified time...nothing.
  • tried booting it...nothing.
  • tried Esc 6... nothing.
  • a message came up andd said the issue was with the drive or the keyboard,so inorder to find out which one was causing the problem, i had to press the tiny button on the side of the laptop...still nothing.


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This could be a problem with your OS. Depending on your version, I'd suggest you create a bootable drive (if you tell us the OS version I'll gladly tell you how to do that, however you will need to have access to a second PC). Pressing F2 or F12 after you insert said drive will let you choose the bootable drive. Once you get there you should be able to get to the Windows Startup Repair menu.

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Hi,shut down,once down hold f9 while starting,let go when your in your in your bios.not sure if its f8,f9,delete.but its one of those.once there tell it to start in safe mode.once up turn on programs that normaly start on boot,for example internet connection.do this one by one untill you find the bad one then deleate it and reinstall it.

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my Lenovo pc froze on the logo screen after a factory reset, to fix this problem I opened up the case of the pc to get to the motherboard I took out the battery( looks like a flat round silver circle) and waited 5 minutes before placing it back, if you have any dust in the fans clean it out and that should fix the problem

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Where is the battery?


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