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Apples 2016 Überarbeitung, ihres auf professionelle Benutzer ausgelegten Laptop Lineups. Es ist ausgestattet mit einem 15 Zoll 2880 x1800 Retina Display, einem quad-core Intel Core i7, mit 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB Speicherplatzoptionen, 16 GB RAM Arbeitsspeicher und einer Tastatur mit einer Touch Bar. Es erschien im November 2016. Modell: A1707.

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I broke my screen. Cracks on the lower right side, what should I buy?

My screen condition :

Block Image


Block Image


What part should i buy? I'm very new to macs, and I don't have a lot money :( So, Anyone can recomend me a new/used part, prefferably cheap (I can't afford anything more than 250 USD actually :( I'm a student on a third world country), and ship internationally.

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A1707 assemblies are very expensive and difficult to get at the moment; you definitely won't get anything under 250$ (if you can even get one). Just the screen panel itself costs around £200, and companies will charge a premium for replacing the panel, since it is fairly complex.

You won't find the part for this price for at least a year, when factory rejects start becoming available (and even then, it could still be more expensive), so you might have to save up

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I've found some screen replacements part on alibaba. Should I trust it?


If you have seen any for around £200, these are just screen panels and you will have difficulty replacing just the screen panel if you have no prior experience (and can get dust/scratches behind the screen if not done correctly).

Assemblies for the A1707 (15" model) are going for £400+ at the moment, so it is out of your price range


Let's say i've found a guy that could do it, is it still worth taking the price?


There would be no one willing to replace the LCD panel for under the price you are looking for (unless they are willing to work for free). If they are willing to do it for a very low price, expect to see dust, scratches and marks through the new screen, because they would have likely never done this repair before and damaged the backlight sheets behind the screen.

The part may not also be great; 2015 onward LCD panels have a high chance of having blue/purple blemishes which can be seen on a black screen if you get a bad part.

Anyone who replaces the LCD panels on Retina's will want a decent amount of money for doing it properly; it is a miserable process and there is a lot which can go wrong. If you have found someone you trust though, or are not worried about how it looks, go for it :)


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