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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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Won't respond after power surge

After a power surge, my Dell C1765nfw will turn on, but won't respond otherwise. It's no longer under warranty. What parts can be replaced to fix it?

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Hi @jmtexas ,

Try the following and see if it "resets" the printer by Clearing the NVRAM from Tech Mode

Turn off the printer.

Turn on the power while holding down Left, Right, and Menu keys.

Release these keys when "CE Mode" and "Password" is displayed.

Press Up twice and press Select the checkmark.

"CE Mode", "Printer" and "FAX/Scanner" are displayed. (Entered the CE Diag. mode.)

Press Select the checkmark on "Printer".

Press Down to "IOT Diag" and press the checkmark.

Press Down to "Installation Set" and press the checkmark.

Press Down to "Clear All NVM".

Press Select the checkmark twice to execute the test.

Power cycle the printer to return to the regular operating mode.

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I REALLY wanted your answer to work, but the screen never responded. I held the keys down for about 1 minute. Did I wait long enough?


Hi @jmtexas ,

Yes. A minute is certainly long enough.

The chances are that the power surge has damaged something either in the power supply of the printer or even further into the control board perhaps.

You could open the printer and locate the power supply board and check if there is any obvious damage. Being 1st in line from the power outlet it is the most likely area to suffer damage.

If there is no obvious damage to be seen , e.g. burnt out components, scorch marks on the pcb etc, then unfortunately without the aid of a circuit diagram (I cannot find one online) it will be more difficult to ascertain the actual problem


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