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It's not the battery, or starter or relay wth is the problem?

My 1995 Honda accord LX no longer turns on battery is good n charged my bf either replaced or cleaned the relay and we replaced the starter (new) it's a stick shift and when I go to turn it on nothing happens no clicks no nothing, It won't even start buy being pushed n popping clutch key in the ignition does nothing, what can be the problem and is there any one who does free diagnostics test so u can find out what the exact problem is, this car use to run from one day to the next it stopped engine isn't seized I literally went to work came home next day tried to go to work but it wouldn't turn on, wht happen?????

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We then assume the starter relay is ok.

We assume the starter is installed properly with the wiring per original.

Your ignition has two options, with anti theft or not. The anti theft will open the circuit after the start switch in the BLUE/white wire that is live when you turn the key. The BLUE/white goes under the dash to the relay /fuse box and leaves on a WHITE/red wire. It changes color in a harness plug and now it Black/white.

The next point to check is the neutral safety switch under the floor mat at the shifter. The starter relay is allowed to start if the shifter is in the neutral position. (this could be your trouble). The start power arrives at the starter solenoid with the BLACK/white. It starts the solenoid to move and the engaging of the starter holds in the solenoid until the Bendix kicks back and releases the solenoid, your turning of the key should be released to spring back to run.

Follow the voltage along this path and you should have your trouble found.

Let us know what you found or repaired so we can all learn please.


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