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Replacing Cracked Camera Lens on iPhone 8

I've owned my Iphone 8 for 5 days and somehow the camera lens cracked. It doesn't affect the camera performance but will this part become available at some point? The apple store said the only way is to replace the entire phone. I saw a youtube video for an Iphone 7 where they heated it up, removed the glass lens and then glued a new one in using silicone. Any advice?

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I had a iPhone 8 cross my desk this week with a broken glass in the back . Ive been looking for replacement glass and as of this week was unable to find any yet but am sure there will be some out in the near future . I think looking at the one that's here on my desk that the lens can be replaced only with a new back . The back probably wont come cheap as the charging system is integrated into the back cover and the glass is apparently very difficult to separate from the back plate so I'm guessing this will end up being a unit to replace . Don't despair though it wont be long till our friends in China have a replacement part for it. I used the ifixit teardown guide

iPhone 8 Teardown

Hope this helps

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Hi Jim,

I successfully replaced just the camera glass lens piece and it was very easy! Just order an iPhone 7/8 replacement glass lens on amazon or eBay and follow this tutorial.

It’s really easy, I actually bought a 3 pack of the glass lens pieces on eBay for about 9 bucks total so I have two extra. If you’d like I can put one in the mail for you free of charge :) send me a private message if you want me to send it!



I just replaced this on an iphone 8. It is similar to the 6/6s camera glass than the 7. I took the screen off, removed the camera and carefully removed the glass and metal housing. I did have to super glue the new one in but it looks and functions great!

Link to product:


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I honestly would not try to do it. It is very complicated but would also void the warranty. IF it does bother you, and you have insurance thru your carrier, use a insurance claim (usually $175-$200) and get a replacement phone rather than paying a crap load from apple or taking a chance and voiding your warranty.

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Not a very complicated repair to be honest. Replacement insurance phones are poorly refurbished and not covered under Apple's warranty. The companies that handle the refurbishment of the replacement phones are poorly trained hacks (Asurion etc).


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