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The NeuTab N7 Pro tablet has a front and rear facing camera, 7-inch display, and is powered by Android KitKat.

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Why can't I get WiFi to set up

I share WiFi with upstairs neighbor. My phones and laptop are signed in, but the tablet won't pick it up. I have proper password, but still won't authenticate.

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Pls try these steps:

[] Ensure that there are no other file sharing apps running in the background i.e. ShareIt etc (they can interfere with the attempt to connect to a local wifi) - - next

[] Get access to the router and press the WPS button (manual authentication button) something like this

Block Image

then tap the same icon you'll find in your tablet (wifi advanced setting ).

[] if it works, great! if not, your neighbor maybe blocking your tablet from connecting. He (I mean he or she) checks his router settings and ensure tablets arent blocked or your tablet's mac ID isnt blocked. I assume he knows how to do it.

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