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MacBook Air 11 stuck on chime boot loop, gray screen w/ NO apple logo

Hi guys.

I have a macbook air to repair. Around maybe a week ago the Facetime built-in camera just stopped working but the green LED indicator would stay ON all the time, since the moment pressing the macbook air power button. The camera would not get recognized by macOS, it simple said "no camera device found" when tried to use on PhotoBooth or system report. I started to look some possible quick recovery process and tried all the usually recommended steps. Reset SMC, PRAM, safe mode/boot and etc but nothing worked. But one thing worth to mention, when tried the command reset PRAM, the mac restarted and chimed about 3 times or more while holding the keys combinations, then I released the keys.

After a week later using the Macbook Air (with the FaceTime camera LED indicator still always ON), now the macbook won't boot up correctly anymore, it's now on chime boot loop. It doesn't show any apple logo, just a grey screen and chime loop. It stays indefinitely like that until I hold the power button to shut it down.

I already tried many reset commands again, but nothing, no result. I tried to remove the SSD, but it didn't work. Tried to boot using USB external HDD macOS installation but it won't get out of chime boot loop. Even don't propose me to select OS or anything else.

I've seen some youtube videos reporting issue very similar to mine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8b2VLee... and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSpikNzb...), but none of them had also the FaceTime camera green light ON which I supposed to be very probably related to this issue. Another ifixit question (Looping chime on booting) also reported same problem and was eventually fixed replacing the flash EFI chip (corrupted EFI "bios"). I don't have the cable adapter to try to read or write the flash chip, so I could not test it.

Update (11/02/2017)

A quick update for those who are having the same issue of facetime/isight camera green light ON with chime boot loop. After a full day of research of what could be the issue, reading and watching many youtube videos, I thought that flash chip could be the reason of this failure after seeing someone having a similar chime boot loop issue got it fixed by replacing the flash EFI chip.

Hopefully I didn't go ahead and buy any flash chip repair tools, because I just found out that by disconnecting the FaceTime camera cable from the main logic board would solve the issue and finally got a normal working chime boot!

For now, I'm just using the macbook without the camera, but I'll have to probably buy a new camera board and wires kit, as I still don't know if the issue is on camera board itself or it's wires connection. Anyway, I'm glad to have the macbook working again and certainly it's time to update the SSD backup, so I'd be prepare to any new bad surprises like this :)

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Was going to suggest to unplug the camera ;-)

Glad you got it working by trial / error

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Ha....strangest thing. I had the same problem. And experimented a bit. I replaced the WiFi cable and the only issues were the micro ribbon cables. Which side is up and which is down. I was getting the repeating chime on start and decided to flip the WiFi cable where it went into the screen at the top by the camera. This fixed it. If these cables (or any of the cables are flipped this causes problems that are hard to track. So if you mucked with cables or disconnected them, this might be your problem. It appears that the side with the copper strips generally face up. But before you disconnect, take close accurate pictures as you remove them.

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My brother's MBA had same issue.

I disconnected the camera connector as you said.

It then started seamlessly.

After turn off, I cleaned up the camera connector with some iso-propanol and reconnected the camera connector: it started too :)

So good news: it may not be necessary to change the LCD assembly, just disconnect camera, boot, turn off, clean and reconnect camera.

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