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15" laptop manufactured by Dell at the end of 2016. The laptop is very configurable, uses 7th generation processors and has a grey plastic chassis.

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Nothing showing on display ...its black

Some small problem I get inside my laptop,

I tried to reset this but now when I switch on this laptop .....it comes logo of dell and after few minutes the display goes black.... nothing show on display ...

Keyboard is working...

Please give me solution sir.

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@mallah first connect an external monitor to your computer and see if that displays everything correct. If so then the issue may not be related to your motherboard (CPU/GPU) but it may be a LED issue.

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The first thing I'd do is check the thermal paste and dust. A lot of the times when this happens, the cause is related to dust buildup from the system being a couple of years old. In some cases, the problem isn't dust but is related to the thermal paste being dried out.

The first thing to do that is likely to fix the problem is to repaste the CPU and GPU. If you have the dGPU model of this machine, you will also need thermal pads as thermal paste is not sufficient for many laptops with dedicated graphics due to there being a gap.

Here is what you will need:

Thermal pads (dGPU only)

Thermal paste (Artic MX-4)

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