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Repair guides and support for Dell Netbooks, a class of small, lightweight laptop computer from the late 2000s.

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Dell latitude 2100 screen off on mechanical movement


I have a dell latitude 2100 netbook which is quite old and i want to revive that for my small projects, so i got the broken screen replaced and that worked fine for a month but after sometime it started flickering. and now even on slight mechanical vibration or movement the screen goes off while the PC is still running. You can get better idea from this video.

Now i dont know from where to start! Probably its the backlight power supply capacitor or loose cable, i dont know. Any suggestion is most welcome.

PS:- I have also posted the qury on reddit.

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You can try reseating the video cable on the display and the mother board. If thisl does not fix the problem then replace the video cable.

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