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Installed New Hard Drive, Password Forgotten, Unable to reset it.

An year ago, i had installed Mac OS 10.7 on a new HDD purchased. It was working fine for few days and then, it locked me out. As i could not remember the password. Since then, i had tried most of the available TS Steps on apple thread, but, unable to reset or reinstall the OS again. Any help?

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Use a retail version of 10.6. Insert and boot from it holding down the "C" key on startup.It may be on the second page of the installation when the upper menu bar appears. Go to Utilities > Reset Password and do it.

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as i dont have the retail version. I used the original DVD. Tried as you said, but , it gives me the login screen.


Was is the system on the original system disk? If you are getting the log in screen you are not booting from the DVD. Either hold down the C key immediately on startup ( you have to hit the power button and immediately insert the drive and hold the C. Another way is to hold down the option key on startup and select the DVD


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