Why does my Galaxy note keep powering off? and why won't it update?

Hi there, two years ago, I purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note. I thoroughly enjoyed it until I dropped it several times. Now It refuses to stay on for more than 10 min unless plugged in. It also will not update now. Originally, when I took the phone to Batteries +, I was told that the back of the phone is broken and does not adequately hold in the battery, but that turned out to not be the case. I also purchased a new battery, thinking that was the issue, but the new battery did not change the situation.

If there is anything that I am overlooking?

thanks much

Samsung Sadly

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What is the model number of the note? I don't think you have a brand new 717, which is 10 years old. If it is originally a verizon or at&t version but you are using a different carrier with it, it will not update.


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