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Veröffentlicht im April 2010 / 2,4 GHz, 2,53 GHz Core i5 oder 2,66 GHz, 2,8 GHz Core i7 Prozessoren

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Why do Mac's fans trigger so late?

Since I have upgraded to an SSD, my Mac's fans trigger very late (when the CPU temp is around 200-210 F). Before this temperature they run at about 2000 RPM. I got the CPU temp from iStat Menus. With my former HDD, the fans sped up at a CPU temperature of around 160 F.

The Apple Hardware Test did not find any problems. Can anyone tell me what possibly accounts for the sluggishness of the fans with such a high CPU temperature?

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Does anyone have any other ideas?


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It might be how the software is done and the cpu is supposed to get that hot but it’s just a guess.

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