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iPad mini digitizer not working after screen replacement

I️ have an iPad mini that I️ have replaced the digitizer on several times. I️ have done 30+ repairs on iPhones and iPads and I️ can’t seem to figure out why, the digitizer connected looks fine and so do the solder points on it, I️ thought it was was a faulty part so I️ got a new one and same result only the home button works but when you plug in the old cracked screen that screen will sort of respond.

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Where are you getting your mini digitizers? If they were from the same supplier/batch, then it is possible you got some bad ones. On the backside of the panel, are there gold coloured or silver coloured traces bordering the digitizer? The fact that the original one works would indicate that the problem is not on the logic board.

The mini also has some gotcha's and is one of the more difficult iPads to work on. You normally have to tape down the bottom border and Home button flex to avoid ghost touching issues. Jessa put out a great guide a few years back, I would encourage you to go through it if you haven't already.

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Off of amazon but different suppliers for the same screen the contacts are goldish in color the problem definitely is not ghost touching it just won’t resoond at all neither of the new sxreeens will work but I️ can get the old one to respond a little that stuff is taped off from the factory on the be ones


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