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Apple's operating system for its Mac desktop and portable computers.

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After installing Hard Drive Not able to install Mac OS Leopard

I replaced the hard drive before that I back it up on 1 TB external drive. After I installed the hard drive I connected the exteral drive and reinstalled everything back on computer and followed all the steps how to reformat the drive but I did not have an option of partition so I did not do so. Now everytime I start computer there is grey screen with ? mark. I try to install the Mac os Disk it shows install DVD when I press option but then nothing. I have to use external drive in order to use the computer. How can I fix this and not have to plugin external drive.

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Your drive is not getting set up properly if you can't partition it. First if you are using an Intel processor the drive will have to be formatted GUID. What machine are you using? What hard drive do you have?

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I am using Macbook Pro 15' and just replaced hard drive with Momentus XT 500 SATA GB 32MB Cache


If you didn't format the drive before using your external to restore, then nothing happened. There is nothing on the new drive. Start up from your system installation disk, go to the second page pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk Utilities. Select the drive on the left and format it then give it one partition. Your method of moving data back on to the new drive depends on how it was saved. If it was cloned, you can use SuperDuper to put it back. If it is a Time Machine backup, start up from your 10.5 or 10.6 system installation disk, install a system then go to Utilities - Migration assistant and move your data onto the new drive.


Only way my computer starts if I use external 1TB drive to the computer then once I am in I did format the hard drive but did not make partition. I use the folder backup from exteral drive and try to drag and drop in the Macintosh HD it worked but then again when I restart it shows grey screen with ? I also tried using my other mac to remotely install OS and tried migrating assistant but something is not right. I was wondering why computer dosent start without external drive and when it does why I am not able to install Mac os. Everything works fine if I use exteral drive it also shows that out of 500GB 192 GB used which I transfered from external drive but when I unplug it thats it. What am I doing wrong? Please help.


Shawn, you have to read the response I've taken the time to give you or I can't help you.


Thankk you very much for helping I got it almost only thing not working is migration assistant nothing shows up after I open migration. I tried superduper also no luck. So now not sure how to transfer data back to hard drive. Should I just drag and drop them?


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