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Repair information for the Nextbook Ares 10A. Released in December of 2016. Model number: NX16A10132S.

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Tablet won't to turn on

I was playing a game on my tablet and then I exited out of the game. As I went to Google the screen just went off. The red light that lights up when I charge it still works but I can't get the screen to turn on. It's not dead. But the screen just won't show anything

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I bought a next book for my daughter she used it once but now it will not charge. I plug it in and the red light comes on for 2 seconds then shuts off. It will not charge. Help


Gina Fernandez I have the same problem but I fixed it first try usings the oringinal charger if that don't work buy a new charger.


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You need to disconnect the battery and reconnect it this video will show you how


this video shows how to open it


Hope this helps

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Thank you very much


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