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Die Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air mit der Modellnummer A1474 ist in Space Grau und Silber erhältlich. Sie enthält einen A7 Prozessor und ist mit 16, 32, 64 oder 128 GB Speicherkapazität erhältlich.

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Replacement iPad Air screen spazzing

I’ve had my screen replaced 3 times not by Apple but due to the screen unsticking which I later found out that company bent my frame, It’s now started to spas out by itself so I can’t touch it or type anything. Does anyone know a fix before I buy a new iPad? Thanks

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Ghost touch on Airs and Minis is due to the company not insulating the edges of the digitiser, so it shorts against the frame and causes touch to work by itself or cut out.

See this answer for details Digitizer activating itself after digitiser replacement

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Take it to a more reputable repair place. Ghost touching on a screen is common with cheap screens. If you use a high quality screen, and high quality adhesive (along with good repair and frame cleaning practices), you will get a screen that doesn't lift and works like it should.

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The only problem is a it’s more expensive to replace than my iPad is actually worth, is there a cheap solution?


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