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Es handelt sich hierbei um das Flaggschiff-Smartphone von Motorola, das im Juli 2015 angekündigt wurde. Es ist mit einer 21 MP Kamera ausgestattet sowie einem 5,7 Zoll IPS TFT LCD Display mit einer 1440 x 2560 Auslösung, was es zu Quad HD macht. Modellnummern: XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 und XT1578.

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Moto X Pure cracked screen DIY?

I have a cracked screen on a Moto X Pure. Image looks fine but it won't respond. I'm guessing the LCD is okay. I see 1 repair kit with just the digitizer screen and many more that also include the LCD for twice the price. Is it really that hard to remove the screen from the LCD with out damaging it, or should I just get a kit that includes the LCD? Should I also be sure to buy one with a frame already attached?

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What is the kit you bought to fix this? Did it work?

I have done a lot of repairs on my computer, though none so far on phones. I'll probably want to replace the screen / LCD, even though the image looks OK. I've already replaced the screen twice via repair shops.

Want to give it a try myself.


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manmountain8 it is not complicated if you have done it lots of times and have the right equipment to separate it and then to clean it and subsequently to re-adhere. I assume that you do not have the right tools and have probably not done this to often, so I would suggest you purchase the complete assembly. It may cost more but at least that way you can be somewhat assured that you are going to have a successful repair. This teardown Motorola Moto X Style (Moto X Pure Edition) Teardown shows you what is involved.

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I have successfully replaced glass and digitizer+ glass on three other phones. I failed on this one. Glass is heavily glued onto display and the display is soft/fragile.

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