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Amazon Echo Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

My Echo device is not connecting to Wifi. Anyone know how to resolve wifi setting problem?

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Echo keeps losing connection is the most common issues while we are using echo device. Simple solutions of this problem is rebooting or restarting. Rebooting/Restarting way always help to solve various device problems. So restart the device along with network hardware. So, if echo won't connect to wifi then follow the some points:

- Put your echo device at the right place or location.

- Use dual-band frequency range 2.5GHz to 5.0 GHz.

- If you are using VPN or Proxy service then close them.

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  1. Amazon Alexa app should be updated. In case, you’re the use of the vintage model, it’s time to download Alexa app (superior model) and set up it.
  2. Secondly, if you’ve established Alexa app in your cellular, check the status of your Android machine web view. In case, it needs up-gradation, go to play store and replace the software.
  3. Subsequent, check your Echo Alexa tool area. It must be eight inches far away from the walls and floor. Moreover, the Alexa device and your wireless router ought to be inside the identical room for echo alexa won’t connect to wifi.

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When Alexa Won’t connect to Wi-Fi then need to check the setting as Below

Step1: Check your Internet association and web working with high data speed.

Step2: Check your Power-cycle the wi-fi Router.

Step3: Need to check the Power-Cycle of the Alexa gadget

Step4: During the Alexa setting, give the all right detail of login

Step5: Alexa Echo gadget is working (not be faulty)

Step6: Need to Reposition the Alexa gadget as per your Wi-Fi.

Step7: Need to Factory Reset the Alexa gadget

If still problem the Alexa Won’t connect to Wi-Fi then you need to Amazon Alexa helpline.

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