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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Logic board temperature sensor?

Sorry for how this post turned out to be, I tried to fit in as much info as possible but if anyone needs any other info please don't hesitate to ask.

Ok, I've ran an apple hardware test - comes up with 4sns/1/c0000008 Tsop - which I think is a temperature sensor on the logic board... However when I run Temp Monitor (off Apple site) temp readings are there for all sensors? I was going to install on another partition but the macbook still ran very slowly when booted from cd, Also there is a process called Kernel_task using between 150% - 200% cpu, performance is slightly better in safe mode however problems are still there like the mouse is very glitchy and slow it takes around 30 secs to 1 min to start any programs which are then unusable. By the way this all happened after a spill and me removing the keyboard and backlight and cleaning them both very carefully with isopropanol drying them and carefully putting everything else back in, carefully. The fan instantly starts spinning at 6200rpm the second the macbook turns on and the apple logo pops up.. Ran Techtool deluxe and volume structure failed so repaired with install disk boot and disk utility but its still absolutely trashed after less than 6 months and not covered under warranty. I just really need help with this all my work for college is on here and i need logic pro so cant use a Pc or a slow mac lol. Does anybody know where this sensor is on the board?? Or any other things that may be causing it... I forgot to mention I've also tried running the macbook without different components - battery, keyboard, display, camera, both drives and all the rest but to no avail.. Maybe any pictures showing where the sensors are or any advice whatsoever - its all very much appreciated.

Thank-you so much for all help in advance, I've recently used the guides on here to disassemble my mac and found them really helpful, Cheers guys.

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Has anyone found out anymore on this I'm still stuck with the same issue :( have just taken apart again and have started the laptop up with a screwdriver on the logic board with absolutely everything disconnected - cd drive HDD keyboard, trackpad, display, sound etc. etc. but the problem still exists :(


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Check iStat Pro if possible to see what temp it sees the computer as. My guess is that the computer thinks the CPU temp is high, so it puts kernel_task to 150% to slow down the process so it can slow down. The fans running fast also supports that theory...

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I think you have two different problem, and will give you answer of the sensor problem - you can also read my newer tread about it.

The symptom you indicating - its just one problem with one Temp SENSOR. The computer does not go overheating because of some work of the processor - normally.

HERE is some facts about th MacBookPro 17 inc 2,16 GHz MODELNR: MA092LL/A

You havn't give us your model number, and the sensor its NOT same if not this model - who my guess is.

MacBook Pro 17", Intel Core Duo, Sensors MODELNR: MA092LL/A

TA0P Temperature Ambient air Temperature sensor (on front panel board)

TB0T Temperature Battery Temperature

TC0D Temperature CPU0 Die Temperature

TC0P Temperature CPU VR area

TG0H Temperature GPU0 Heatsync

TG0P Temperature GPU0 Proximity

TG0T Temperature GPU0 Discrete Thermal Diode

Th0H Temperature NB/CPU/GPU HeatPipe 0 Proximity

Th1H Temperature NB/CPU/GPU HeatPipe 1 Proximity

TM0P Temperature FBDIMM Riser A incoming air Temp

Tm0P Temperature Misc Temperature (clock chip) Proximity

Ts0P Temperature Palm rest L

Ts1P Temperature Palm rest R

I thought I found the Temperature Palm rest L sensor on Blue tooth card - but I was wrong, it wasn't!

My new theory is that the Temperature Palm rest L sensor is placed on top of the mother-card near the left corner to the hard disk.

There are no other place where a temp sensor could be placed, espessially on the top case.

There are to components that look like a temp sensor on the mother card, placed 15 mm apart, and the one most left back is probably the Ts0P Temperature Palm rest L sensor.

In my case, the one most back had a bad soldering point that i fixed. After that i cant get my my computer running the fan hi at all.

And the ASD test of Ts0P Temperature Palm rest L was passed - running the test 100 times, directly after the computer has work hard for over an our.

Good luck

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Very sorry groan thankyou for the helpful reply! My Macbook information is :

PART Number - MC374B/A

MODEL Number - A1278

Thankyou again, i hope to hear back from you soon...

Thanks Everyone !!


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I like this app: Temperature Gauge Pro There are others out there.

Update (10/11/2014)

Here's the newer version! TG Pro

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