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Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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How to put a screw hole back after long screw damage


I have a question about the long screw damage. I have recently taken apart an iPhone 6 plus which had no backlight and I took the bottom right screw hole off. I then removed the layer and I have given up on the repair because I have a buyer that wants to buy the phone. How can I put the screw hole back in its place when there is no solder that I can attach it to?

I am grateful for all answers, thanks

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i would leave it off the board and usually cover it with solder mask


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You can solder it back on. Just place it and sit your soldering iron on top of the socket, it will heat enough to solder itself back on.

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Yes but there isn't anything to solder it too and surely the screw hole will short every trace that touches it to ground?


Oh yeah if you got rid off the ring then don’t put it back on!


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