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Phone shows apple logo then goes black

So the phone sometimes will show the apple when I hold the power button in but then sometimes wont. Tried replacing the battery that didnt help, then tried restoring and that still didn't help. It keeps getting an error 9 on iTunes when doing the restore (Which is a connectivity to iTunes problem).

Not too sure what it could be, bad logic board? Bad Lightning connector? Water Damage? Suggestions?


P.S After the apple logo disappears it seems that the screen seems to stay "on" as its a black lit up screen. But then it will eventually just shut off completely which is when I can hold the power button back on to get the apple logo to come up again.

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As Ben said, Error 9 is related to corrupt NAND and would need to be reprogrammed


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The issue you are having is the phone is booting into DFU mode and gets stuck there.

In this case it's highly likely hardware issue relating to the board. My guess is nand flash chip got corrupted and can't phone read firmware.

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Is there any solution to this?


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