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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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replaced screen and battery

replaced battery and screen, followed the manual and checked the connections, unit was charged and it does not work.


The screen got damaged in the car. I figured that the unit is 5 yrs old so as long as I am opening the unit might as well replace the battery. I charged the battery but did not try connecting to Itunes.

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okay so what does it do? Anything, blank screen, does itunes recognize it? why did you replace those items?


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bkan209, I would open it up again and triple check the connections. the display connector has a tendency in going in somewhat crooked and can be difficult to manipulate. The battery connector is just as tricky at times. Make sure the tab is up and that you insert the cable deep enough, then replace the locking tab by pushing it down. I would definitely try to connect it to itunes or at least you computer so as to see if the computer recognizes it. You may not see it because of your display. Give it a try and let us know.

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Before you open it up, did you try turning it on while charging? That could narrow the problem down to being just the battery that isn't connected proberly.

I'v made a sketch of the locking mechanism:


good luck.

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Pretty good representation. I also do not like the idea of using the opening tool to lift the clip, broke the connector of twice that way :-)


thanks, I used a wooden stick that I had fitted with a knife. But maybe it should read "careful" somewhere.


I now use a paperclip bend into an L-shape and place it under the clip pulling up and that minimizes the sideways prying force. None broken since :-)


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