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Die Nintendo Switch kam am 3.März 2017 heraus. Es handelt sich um ein Handspielgerät, welches auch auf dem Fernsehgerät abgespielt werden kann, oder eben aus der Hand.

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Can't turn on & can't recharge

My switch console can't turn on after I set it to sleep mode with 50% power for half day.

It seems like its out of power, then I try to recharge it but it has no effect. I don't see the recharge marker on the screen. Although I have it connected to power for 48 hours already. I'm sure the charger is working.

Can someone help me here with this issue. Any help?

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what have you tested the charger with, to verify that it works?

have you tried not charging through the dock, and plugging it straight in?


i using it to recharge mobile phone sucessfully, and try many ways to recharge the console But failed. now some guys told me shouble be battery IC error. i have no idea how this happen since i was just put it away with sleep mode without any operates.


Hi! Did you manage to solve your problem?


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@allenyan before doing anything with your Nintendo Switch I would make use of either the Nintendo Warranty or the seller warranty. The device will still be covered and once you start taking it apart etc. you may void any of them.

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