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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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New battery not charging

Good afternoon everyone.

My Ipod Nano 3rd Gen hasn't been use for years and the battery was dead, it only work when plugged with USB.

I just change the battery today, i also try to boost it with a 9V battery as adviced , everything went well, but:

- i can use the Ipod without the USB cable

- when i plug the USB, the battery don't charge (no lightning logo on the battery logo)

- it is recognize by Itunes when i plug it to the computer (wrench logo on battery logo)

Any body have an idea what the problem could be ?

I suppose if i didnt do the soldering properly (3 wires) it won't turn on at all ?

Thank you, i'll be happy to give any additional info needed.



Block Image

Block Image

This is when the ipod is plugged to the wall with usb, as soon as i clic on something the little logo dsappear and the battery logo dont show anything charging.

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@loic92 it is possible that this is caused by a battery that is discharged below it's threshold and will thus not accept a charge or it could be the installation. You seem to be hesitant about your soldering and for confirmation it might help if you post some pictures of that with your question. It will allow us to see what you see. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen for that

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Hey Old Turkey, glad you will help me on every of my issue )

(I manage to fix the external hard drive but the BIOS soldering was small!!)

The new battery was half charged and still is so far) so the problem won't come from there. I solder the 3 wire and the Ipod turn on properly.

Correct me if i am wrong, the 3 wires are:

- (-)

- (+)

- internal temperature sensor

If the soldering was not done correctly it wont turn on as the battery would be disconnected ?


@loic92 that is correct. Just make sure that it is all soldered properly and that the contacts do not shorten out with each other. If you are absolutely sue that the soldering is good, you need to consider a bad battery. This is not an easy iPod to work on but you need to check the battery. Sometimes a battery can be "woken up" by connecting the positive and negative connectors to a 9V battery for a few minutes.


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