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Zweite iPhone Generation. Modell A1241 mit 8 oder 16 GB Kapazität und schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoff-Rückseite. Die Reparatur ist leichter zu bewerkstelligen als beim iPhone 1. Es werden Schraubendreher, Hebelwerkzeuge und Saugnäpfe benötigt.

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iPhone not working in DFU Mode: Please Help, URGENT!

Hi guys, I have a issue. My iPhone 3G would not connect to wifi, so I did a erase all content and settings. I did this about 11 AM. Now it is 9PM, and my iPhone is still at the same apple logo for 10 hours. So, I tried to do a DFU (Device Firmware Update) and my ITunes would not recognize my iPhone.



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3rd attempt at trying to not have the spambot delete my answer :/

here: instead of a link, I'll give you what info is in the link that you need so I dont keep losing my answer to SpamBot.

Try this:

Solution 2: Use iTunes

Or you could do it with the following steps:

1. Start iTunes

2. Connect iPhone / iPod Touch to Mac / PC via USB cable.

3. Simultaneously hold for 10 seconds both HOME (Volume Down button for iPhone 7/7Plus) and Sleep/Wake buttons.

4. After 10 seconds release both buttons.

5. Press shortly the Sleep/Wake button.

Wait until your iPhone/iPad/iPod starts up and at this time you have successfully got your device out of DFU mode.


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