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Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2011 / 2,2, 2,4, oder 2,5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Prozessor

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Mac wont start up, both fans spin for 2 secs, Sleep LED blinks once

last 4 of serial # DV7L

When trying to power up with power button :

- Mac starts

- Both fans spin for 2 sec

- Sleep LED blinks once

- all shuts off, cycle repeats without pushing power button on

Battery indicator full. When I unplug battery with adapter attached, Mac wont react at all.

Tried different RAMs, HDDs, SSDs. Reseting SMC, NVRAM, 20sec battery unplug - no luck.

Any of you guys had smth similar with POST ?

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Does the logic board show any signs of liquid damage?


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Disconnect the mag-safe, disconnect the battery. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Reconnect battery, reconnect mag-safe and tell us if it booted.

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Tried it, disconnected Magsafe and battery, pwr button hold for 10sec. Reconnected Magsafe - fans spin instantly without pushing pwr button on. Pushing power button on, doesn't change anything.

No liquid damage visible.


It should have restarted spontaneously after doing that. Your repeated procedure is NOT the sequence I told you (what about the battery)?


tried it now, exactly as you suggested - no changes


I am at a loss on this one. I have never seen one that wouldn't boot with this method that didn't have liquid damage. Sorry, maybe @danj has an idea.


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