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Repair guides for Gear Fit2, Samsung's fitness-oriented smartwatch, released June 2016.

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Where can I send Gear Fit2 for repair

Gear Fit2 will not charge. Where can I send it for repair. Purchase was this year 2017.

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I have a gear fit 2 and the watch band broke where can I send or take it to to get it fixed?


I purchase the watch in December 2017. It will not turn on


It also will not charge. I did check all that


I purchased my Samsung gear fit 2 in December 2017 and now suddenly it is just giving me a blank screen. When I put it on to charge the screen starts flickering, but no charge symbol. What's wrong with it?


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first of all check inside the charge port to see if there is any fluff / lint / dust etc. can you take a high quality close up photo of the port and post it here

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