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iMac G4 17" 1.25 GHz Model M9168LLA PowerMac 6,1 introduced in 2003.

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Why system doesn't rencogniez my dvd superdrive?

I've got an iMac 17" 1.25 GHz, I have a dual boot system: 10.5.8 & 10.4.11, Both systems work well, but it often can't load the DVD disk in the drive tray, in either system, nor does it show up in the system info neither in disk manager, eject button on keyboard doesn't work either.

I have to restart the computer and push down and hold the mouse button to use the DVD drive, then the system recognizes it. but it's really not useful this way, does anyone have a solution please?

更新 (2017年12月13日)

i've replaced it with un from another mac, now it works well, just want to let you know. thanks.

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I would use a CD/DVD cleaning disk to make sure the readers head is clean, dust can build up on them. I would also make sure the CD/DVD is not cracked or dirty. While many readers can handle a finger print or too a grease smudge can be to much or a deep scratch. Lastly, CD/DVD's can go bad over time, both the ones you create (read/write) and the read only ones you buy your music & movies do as well.

Give that a try first.

It maybe your CD/DVD drive settings are messed up. You would need to do a PRAM reset to see if that helped Mac OS X 10.6: Resetting PRAM. I would also point out this is such an old system your PRAM battery maybe worn out! You may want to replace it. Review the attached PDF doc in the repair guide for the system PDF. Follow it to page 12 there you'll see a small purplish part on the bottom unit to the left near the RAM module.

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hi dan, thanks for your help, you are right, i should check the status of my superdrive, it's been there since 2003, and it can read and write some date, but can't burn a iso image, i'll pick up another g5 this saturday evening, i'll change the dvd drive to see if the problem was from the materiel, i'll let you know the results, again thanks a lot, see you soon. daniel


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