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Vierte iPhone Generation. Die Reparatur an sich ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. GSM mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität, Modell A1332 in schwarz und weiß.

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Light sensor doesn't work, second cable (Original black screen)

Hi, I really need some help, I replaced the cable with the proximity sensor in order to fix the power button, then the microphone for videos and the proximity sensor didn't work. The second time, the proximity sensor still doesn't work!! This is really annoying, the cables seem to be high quality, I don't get it. I've tried restoring to 4.2.1, resetting all settings, hard resets. Any ideas??

It seems to be set well by the way, I've placed the black foam spacer over the sensors correctly I believe.

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I had the same problem as you. I didn't have all the spacers in at first and that was my problem. Just make sure that the proximity sensor is sitting all the way down against the glass so that the sensor goes straight out the glass. My problem was that there was a tiny gap between the sensor and the glass and it was not shooting out straight. Hope it works out for you.

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Hey, yeah I've noticed on subsequent iPhone 4s that there is a little rubber spacer, I figured i can't matter that much so I ignored it (hearing about different sensor models and such). But maybe this is right. The problem is that I no longer have the original little spacer, I'll have to make something. I'll post on here if that works.


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