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The Envizen V100M Tablet, is a tablet PC made by Envizen Digital, a brand under Diamondking Inc. This company makes several tablets, all of which run an Android operating system.

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Does the Envizen V100 64 have a SSD drive

My Tablet died, I want to get the data from the memory,

I know what an ssd drive looks like, but I dont see one in the unit.

How can I transfer data from the memory to a new laptop

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Well Yes & No...

Technically phones & most tablets have Flash drives which is a type of solid state drive (SSD). The term SSD covers quite a lot of devices some removable others not. In this case this one is not removable. Review the image below Green is the CPU, Orange is RAM and the Yellow boxed area is your flash storage:

Block Image

As for copying over your stuff to your PC. Most tablets have a backup program (or you can locate one for your device) so if you loose the tablet you can recover your stuff to a new one (there are some limitations here).

As to being able to use the information from within your PC that may be possible depending on what the app is, how its stored and your PC.

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