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Non-Functioning Shift Control Option keys on replaced keyboard

Water damaged 2012 MacBook Air 13". Keyboard was replaced. Everything runs perfectly fine except the (left side) Shift Control and Option keys don't work.

Things I've tried so far:

- Updated all preferences and upgraded to OS X High Sierra

- Reset the NVRAM

- Reset SMC using "unplug battery/hold power button" method (can't use "Shift/Control/Option/Power button" method, obviously)

- Ran Disk Permissions

- Ran Apple Hardware test (no issues found)

- Booted up in Safe Mode

- Double-checked that Mouse Keys, Sticky Keys and Slow Keys were not enabled under Accessibility

This seems to be an issue without a solution over many years. Reaching out to see if anyone found a solution short of board level repair. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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I have the same problem with the 3 left side keys not working - shift, control and option. Tried all of the above but doesn't help.

Can anyone advise what is required, new keyboard, trackpad or upper body?


I have the same problem and have no idea how to fix it. We possibly think the problem started when we updated to Mojave


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Problem solved. I replaced the trackpad and the Shift, Control, Option keys now work.

I would imagine the water damage messed with the circuitry and keyboard connections on the trackpad.

Hopefully this helps others as I've never seen a clear answer to this issue anywhere on the Internet (I searched for days!).

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if you are able to do A Nvram reset then the same keys on the other side obviously work. since the KB encodes data of keys pressed then it is unlikely a mac fault and more likely to be the KB itself.

I get this forth fact they one set of the same keys do what they are supposed to, I would look at cleaning the KB internal but that not an easy job so if it really bothering you the only answer I can see ai another KB. Make sure it is the correct KB for your model..

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I have exactly the same problem with my mid-2015 Macbook Pro 15” Retina (A1398).

I did replace the keyboard and the backlight (this is a huge hassle, and please note where every screw went if you are willing to try it.

When I reassembled my Macbook Pro, everything worked properly EXCEPT the left $@$*, control and option keys. Arggg! I have tried resetting the SMC using a USB attached mac keyboard..doesn’t seem to do anything.

I just downloaded another version of Catalina and will try installing on an external SSD and boot from a clean install to see if it is a software issue.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this, please post it. Thanks!

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