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UE MegaBoom cannot turn one while battery is on 40%

My new UE MegaBoom is just a week old and the battery went off.

Actually the battery was 40 % but could not turn on. When I connect the charger theres no light coming out from the on button. However the speaker is working while on charge. When I remove the charger the power goes off.

How can I solve this issue??

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If you just got it you still have a warranty. I would return it and get another as thats the easiest way.

If thats not an option I would try a second charger to see if the charger or cable are bad. If that don't fix things you'll need to ope the unit and do some measurements at the USB port and the battery. But as soon as you open the unit you'll void the warranty.

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Just reset the megaboom:

While it’s on press the on/off button and the volume down button simultaneously until the megaboom makes a sound and turns off. Then restart it. That’s it. It is now back to factory settings, will make the usual extemely loud drumroll, the LED on top will light up white again instead of red and the megaboom recognises 40% charge and happily will start charging on. You will have to re-connect with the megaboom since it’s forgotten all it’s old pals ;-)

The Megaboom(s) display this behaviour when they are put away with a pretty full battery and neglected for a period (10 days will do it I think). My theory is, it can’t handle being ignored and pouts until it’s brain breaks and it needsd a reset. Or maybe it’s just lousy programming by Logitech, who can say….

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The battery on mine shows 40% even when there is no battery fitted.

The speaker works normally when connected to the charger (even with no battery installed), but will not switch on when the charger is off.

The charging led only flashes with the battery removed.

Is this an indication of a faulty PCB?

Does anyone know the pin connections for the battery connector?

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