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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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I charge the tab but it wont charge that much in the time it took


I had this problem a week ago.So I came home after my exam to see it had only been charged 36 when I started it it went to 20.I restarted it and went to 90.I used it and worked for the day. then I tried to charge but it wouldn't work I drains she battery full and put it back to charge it charged. Then I took it 36 again. Then when I plugged it in showed 26 .I started but it went 2 percent .I put it in for 4 hours and then I came to check it was at 15 % now if I charge it will barely charge plz help as I really need it

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I also forgot to tell that I use and s7 charger as my own broke and it charged fine for 7 months


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Is the charger getting warm ? If not, maby it is not charging or der battery is very old and should be replaced !

I had the charge estimates jump around on my Tab4 7" also recently when it was cold outside, the capacity suddenly dropped from 50% to 30%. But that was only once.

I think it is the battery slowly dying. Mine is about 4 years old.

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No the charger is not warm but the tab charges so slow like it does 5% in an hour


I have only had the tab sine up end of 2014/15


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