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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Bosch, a German engineering and technology company.

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Part number 1692206 fixture. how to remove from drum

What is the tool used to remove the plastic fixture part number:1692206, holding the shock absorber to the drum on a Bosch Maxx lifestyle Exclusive Aquasecure washing machine Model WAE26470AU01. or

How to remove them to get the shocks off.

If someone can help, please??

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Hi @fox1 ,

Looking at the part and its' location it may not be designed to come out easily.

You could try prising it out with two appropriately sized flat bladed screwdrivers (one each side under the lip) or alternatively buy replacements and drill them out. As they are plastic it should be easy enough as long as the access is OK. Just a thought


Thanks for that, yes, Ive tried to get them out with a screwdriver, but was worried bout damage. but looks like this is the only solution so far.


Hi @fox1 ,

You could always contact the parts supplier and ask them if there is a removal "tool". It never hurts to ask, the worst that they can say is no or that they don't know.


I think Ill do that before I go ahead with solution A.

I did have a Bosch technician come out, who told me what the problem was, but was certainly not helpful in regard to repair.

He gave me an outrageous price to replace them, and told me I could buy a washing machine cheaper than repair.

But my Bosch machine is in excellent condition, and don't see the point in replacing it with a cheaper washer when all this needs is shocks,

so I ordered the shocks myself and decided Id give it a go.

Its certainly easy enough to do, other than this glitch of the removal of the plastic pins (fixtures)

You can see the three openings on top of them, so there must be a three pronged tool to get them out. I couldn't see anything like that for sale in the parts brochure.

Ill let you know how I get on.

Kind regards,



Hi @fox1 ,

I'm thinking that they are a force fit part, as you wouldn't want anything to be a loose fit in that area.

Did the repairman say why the shocks were gone?


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I have a Siemens machine and whilst spinning, bangs on the front of the machine. I read the posts and decided to change the shocks myself. I discovered the drum has to come out and be split to remove the top part of the shocks that are fixed to the drum. shocks square type. I bought new shocks cheaply the parts store guy told me No Need to take out the drum….just unbolt the bottom of the shocks….then release the tiny little tab at the bottom of the shock and pull out the bottom part of the shock out from the top half which is left in situ. Then pull apart the new shock in the same fashion and the insert the new bottom half in the Old top half which is still attached to the drum…Wallah…..works perfect and saves a !&&* of a lot of time. Now do the other side. Inside these square shocks there are 2 sticky pads that cause a sticky abrasion which has a damping affect in spin. The pads wear out allowing the drum to float all over the place …Job Done and simple to do. No Need to remove front, Back, drum etc.

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