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Toshiba Satellite C75D Notebook. Part of Toshiba's "budget conscious" C-series of laptops, released in 2013.

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I cant get on the internet--computer not detecting my wifi

it is not reading my wifi...help! did i lose my driver for it?''

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check that your wifi Card is recognized in your Device manager.

-Follow the steps below to check your adapter device's status in Device Manager:

- Right-click My Computer and select Properties.

- Click the Hardware tab then Device Manager.

- Click the + sign beside Network adapters to expand.

if its there, update your drivers.

plug your device in via LAN cable, and run a windows update.

if these dont work, you may need to replace your card, should there be a problem with it, itself.

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unfortulently, after i go to the hardware tab,there is no device manager tab to go to. :(


right click my computer, and hit manage


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If all else fails spend about 10 bucks adding an external mini usb wifi device. They are available on amazon pretty cheap. I have had good luck with these models by edimax.


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Use a smartphone to verify the Wi-Fi access point is working and reading the same SSID that your computer should be picking up. If you're not seeing it, reboot your Wi-Fi router. Hope this helps...

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Power up the pc.

Look for a small symbol that looks like a wifi radar on the lower right hand of the screen sometimes you might have to unhide it to see it, look for a small upward arrow.

If it is not there, lets check to see if it has been turned off.

Press the CTRL and F8.

you should see a notification that tell you that the "radio" is on or off.

if it on and you cannot get connected, then let's try this:

Press windows key and "r", type command

A black box would appear and type this:


and should get this

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

if you did then your internal wifi is good,

if not, then there is a probem with your computer's internal wifi, this is where you want to check to see if your device is in the device manager in the computer.

type ipconfig and look for "default gateway", copy those numbers

If you see a device disconnected here instead of numbers for the default gateway, then it is a sure thing that your computer has a problem with the connection. There is a problem with your computer.

type ping "default gateway numbers here in format of ###.###.#.#"

if it is good then you should be getting : Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

if no, then there is a problem with your router, maybe it needs a power cycle to reset the dns cache from your isp.

type ping www.yahoo.com, or what ever website that you want to choose. I choose a website that I have nor been to nor visit very much like www.speakeasy.net.

you should get a 0% packet loss here as well if your wifi and router is working properly and the website is up, sometime is is a good thing to ping multiple websites.

keep these instructions in mind when you loose connection:

ipconfig - look for gateway


ping your router

ping a website.

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